My photography goes back about 25 years. I stumbled across a book, while lost in the local library, entitled 'The Pentax Way', which as you may guess, was all about Pentax cameras and suggested techniques to capture those wide angle to telephoto images we all drool about. After having a look through it, something just hit the spot and that was it - I was hooked and have been paying dearly for it ever since then.

A couple of courses on portrait lighting followed and then - nothing! Well, nothing serious for a long while.

It is only recently that I have become more committed and professional about my work after a 2 year college course starting 1999. Since leaving, I started to shoot 'stock' images but have also dabbled in new techniques as they have come along, mainly due to the changes made by digital capture. The techniques which intrigue me are 360 panoramic or 'virtual' movies', to be used as small movies on the internet, mainly to promote a product or service, e.g. estate agent interior photography and also a new technique called HDR or High Dynamic Range photography, which as mentioned, due to digital and some amazing software, can create some spectacular and creative images but also some weird and freaky ones too, in the wrong hands!

So at what point am I at now. Well, I spend my time divided between shooting stock, finding suitable subjects for 360 prints and also getting out and about on dull days looking for HDR subjects. Oh, and working elsewhere!

A couple of years ago I started an online course with The Perfect Picture School Of Photography. I had previously purchased Photomatix Pro software but had no idea how to use it, so after doing some research found PPSOP. The course instructor was David Nightingale who is from Blackpool, UK - and runs a very informative and knowledge based website called Chromasia. Over a 4 week period I learned how to use this software from David, who is an expert in this technique.

I also dabble in what might be termed 'Fine Art' images or 'Wall Art' as I call them. I taught myself how to take and shoot 360 panoramic images which I produce as prints and I also shoot HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, which are also available as prints.

My 360 panoramics are made by shooting 12 images in a full 360 degree panorama (12 shots because of the lens). A combination of the two types gives a 360 HDR image which consists of taking a minimum of 36 images to stitch together but sometimes it can be more. A single HDR image is taken using anything from 3 - 7 shots, so that is why a 360 HDR can be anything from 36 images and up.

Based in Cheshire, there are some fantastic places, both cities and coastal within a reasonable drive or train ride for a photo opportunity.


Well, you would think my list would start with my camera, but since 1999 I have been an Apple Mac computer user and without this amazing piece of equipment, none of my photographs would be here to view.


Mac Pro & Dell 24" monitor
Nikon D200 & 12-24/50/60/85 lenses
Sigma 70-200 2.8
Fuji GA 645 Zi Rangefinder
Film consisting of Fuji Velvia/Ilford Pan F/Delta/Tri-X

Photoshop CS5/Lightroom 3
PT Gui Pro/Stitcher Express
Cubic Converter/Cubic Connector
Photomatix Pro (HDR images)